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Thinking of Selling – Why You Should Use A REALTOR®

Posted by susan-adm on June 8, 2019
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Thinking of Selling - Susan Chell Team

Now that sellers have the option to list themselves, the value of using a realtor has come into question. I have worked in real estate for over 28 years, and I believe what I do adds value and keeps my client secure, so for me it is not so much use a REALTOR® or sell yourself, but use a good REALTOR®. In talking to my sellers who have sold their own home in the past or considered it, it wasn’t just about money, it was because they didn’t feel a REALTOR® added value for them.

The selling process

From the point of listing your home to the sale, there is a lengthy process that the client is not always aware of – and in my experience, they tend to prefer that I take care of these details for them. Setting the initial price is so important and is influenced by a variety of factors including the time of year, the economy, planned neighbourhood development and recent sales.

Marketing your home

We have really seen it all when it comes to home staging, property photography and the actual finesse of doing a good, informed showing. Beyond the reach we have through company databases and tools, we go to great lengths preparing your home for sale and being able to show it in its best light. This is important not just for your final price, but other benefits include less time at a coffee shop or circling the neighbourhood while a viewing takes place. Our team also creates a unique website for your home so potential buyers can get immersed in it without distractions.

Leveraging the word of mouth network

We keep in touch with all clients and leverage this to market our sellers’ homes. For instance, in the Civic Hospital area a property up for sale gains interest quickly through our list of previous buyers, many of them doctors who then circulate the property in the hospital network.

The offer

Once an offer is received, we work hard on advising you on a strategy, negotiating on your behalf, then ensuring all terms of the sale are fulfilled.

You usually get what you pay for

In essence, you are working with me to benefit from my knowledge and experience, this is how I add value. I have built a business on honesty, integrity and a genuine desire to go above and beyond for my clients. The team I have built also share these values. If you would like to meet up and discuss your home, we would love to hear from you.