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The Haunting Season is Here!

Posted by susan-adm on October 17, 2019
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We’re in a spooktacular spirit as Halloween is just a couple of weeks away! Decorating in October has taken on a whole new level. It’s no longer just the orange toothy-grinned pumpkins sitting on our doorsteps for a few days before October 31st. Canadians are embracing a lot of fun and creative decorations around the home and setting them out much earlier in the month; really getting into the haunted season. You’ve probably seen a wide range of retailers jumping on the bandwagon with displays and multiple shelves filled with great Halloween decor of all kinds, it’s kind of hard to miss. The fever seems to grow each year and consumers can find everything from party favours to huge blow-up figures for your front lawn. Also, trending is the wide range of multi-coloured pumpkins. Some are white, pink, ‘warty” and oddly shaped.  There are other fun gourds to fashion our front entrances and dining room tables. It’s all the rage. Did you know a teal coloured pumpkin means that home is offering “nut-free” treats on Halloween night?


Whether you’re a budding or fully-fledged artist, there are several tools specifically needed to create a pumpkin masterpiece. You can explore your inner artistic talents with a glue gun, stapler, tons of sparkles and fancy paints to give your pumpkin some extra flair. Either way, it’s great fun to create a unique one-of-a-king gourd with family or friends and spend quality time together. And hey, everyone enjoys a well-decorated home in the neighbourhood!



If you feel that you don’t have a creative flair, no worries! Remember most stores have the big blow-up spooky characters, strings of mini-pumpkin lights, plug-in pumpkins and other fun pumpkins, witches and more to dot your lawn and keep your home in the Halloween spirit. Also, you don’t have to empty the piggy bank and spend a lot, most box stores have a range of medium to low priced items including the Dollar Store that can dress up your front door or more. Additionally, be sure to visit the Parkdale Market to choose from their wide selection of pumpkins!


But it’s not over, there are wonderful and magical pumpkin parades that await you on November 1st.Just Google the closest parade in your neighbourhood and drop off your prized pumpkin sometime during the daylight. Then return when the pumpkins are lit at sundown. The picturesque sight of jack-o-lanterns lined up along a pathway will delight kids of all ages.


Need some ideas for the best jack-o-lantern or more?

Take a look at the links below:


We hope you have fun and please be safe this spooky season.

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