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Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Entertaining

Posted by susan-adm on December 16, 2019
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed while hosting or entertaining over the holiday season?  The fact is, most of us have got caught in the “holiday trap” once or twice. This year, enjoy the holidays by reducing stress with these tips:


Plan ahead!  Whether it’s creating space for coat storage or preparing food in advance, the key is thinking ahead. Even simple things like decluttering your kitchen or having a well stocked fridge/freezer can make a world of difference when an impromptu holiday party pops up at your place.



Splurge and hire a cleaner to get your house in holiday shape. Allow someone else to add the sparkle and shine, while you focus your energy on decorations, organizing, & planning.



Order out!  Who says that you need to spend all your time knee deep in cooking instead of with your guests? Many restaurants & grocery stores prepare holiday dinners, appetizers or trays that are ready to heat & serve.


Keep a good supply of drinks on hand. Stock up on soft drinks & mixes for your guests. Have coffee (both regular & decaf), hot chocolate, apple cider, egg nog, and a selection of teas available. A well stocked bar with a variety of spirits is also a must.


Set the mood with a playlist of holiday classics, both new and old. During dinner have instrumental music playing so as not to compete with conversation around the table.


This season, focus on what’s really important: spreading that holiday cheer, and spending time with family and friends!

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