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Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by susan-adm on December 8, 2020
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Christmas tree - the ideal way to stage your home for the holidays

Staging your home for the holidays is a wise decision because it can help sell your home quickly, just as it can during other times of the year. However, there are a few important considerations when staging during December, that are different than other times of the year. 

The top priorities for staging your home for the holidays

The primary goal for home staging is to declutter.  Clear counters and other surfaces and remove any furniture that is not needed. Less clutter means more space in the eyes of potential buyers. Decluttering allows your home to not only feel more spacious, but it will also de-personalize your home so potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the space. 

Create a cozy environment. Keep the decorating sparse and straightforward. A few holiday touches make nice and simple accents to the beauty of your home. Not all buyers will share your traditions, so go for a simple festive, or wintery theme. 

Keep your interior decorations to a minimum, and accessorize just one or two rooms. While you may love your collection of Nutcrackers or traditional Santas, the last thing you want is for a buyer to come away from the showing, remembering just those things. Accents such as a wreath on the door, a bowl of holiday balls or pinecones placed neatly on a table, for example, are small and tasteful ways to decorate during the season. 

Create warmth in your home. Literally.  Before any showings, turn your thermostat up a degree or two. Buyers (and their agents) coming in from the cold will appreciate the physical warmth and comfort.  Baking holiday cookies or leaving mulled apple cider on the stove can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, just by their aroma.


Wreath at the door - a key way to stage your home for the holidays


Use decorations that accentuate aspects of your home. Strategically placed decorations can accent the highlights of your home. Mistletoe can draw attention to an arched doorway, candles placed in a bay window can draw the eye to large windows. Although, steer clear of snowflakes stuck to windows that will block views or stockings hung on a mantle that could hide the elegance of your fireplace. 

Focus on colours that complement your home decor. – If your holiday decorations do not fit your home’s colour palette, skip them and opt for more neutral decorations like white or other more neutral, solid colours.  

Fresh flowers and greenery are always a welcomed accent to a kitchen or dining room. Keep in mind that numerous small, decorated areas can make a place feel cluttered. Instead, focus on one beautiful display per room rather than several areas with decorations. 

If you have a Christmas tree, remember that while a tall tree will accentuate your ceilings’ height, be sure the tree’s overall size does not overwhelm the room. Try to use ornament colours that are complementary to the decor of your room. Thick, sparkly tinsel rarely fits the decor of many homes and will surely distract the eye from quality home features. 

A simple christmas tree how to stage your home during the holidays


Create curb appeal. Stow the blow-up holiday decorations along with lights that flash and play music. Additionally, keep outdoor lights to a single colour, white is best, to also avoid distraction. Place a beautiful wreath on your front door. This welcomes buyers and says, ‘wait until you see what else our home has to offer.’

Remember that even during the holidays, less is more. Staging your home for the holidays is all about highlighting your home’s benefits – as you would during the rest of the year. Show off your home at its best without distracting its spaciousness or beautiful features to help deliver a quick sale and ideal price for your home. 

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