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Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by susan-adm on November 29, 2019
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Staging your home is one of the best things you can do to ensure a quick sale. The number one mantra of a home stager is ‘DECLUTTER’. De-personalizing your home allows potential buyers to see themselves in the space. However, when you’ve chosen to list over the holidays, what should you do? First, remember that you are trying to entice buyers to purchase your home, not invite them to your Christmas party. Keep the decorating simple and sparse. Remember, not all buyers necessarily share your traditions, you want them to be able to visualize themselves living in your home.

The next step is creating curb appeal. Stow the blow-up holiday decorations along with lights that flash and play music. While some find them cute, they will distract from the buyer’s first impression of your home. Keep outdoor lights to a single colour, white is best, to also avoid distraction. Place a beautiful wreath on your front door, this welcomes buyers and says, ‘wait until you see what else our home has to offer’.

Before showings, turn your thermostat up a degree or two. Buyers (and their agents) coming in from the cold will appreciate the warmth of the home. If there’s time, bake some holiday cookies as well. The enticing aroma adds to the cozy welcoming feel of your home.
Keep your interior decorations to a minimum, accessorizing just one or two rooms. While you may love your collection of Nutcrackers or Traditional Santas, the last thing you want is for a buyer to come away from the showing remembering those. Strategically placed decorations will add a holiday feel, while accenting the details of your home. Mistletoe can draw attention to anarched doorway, candles placed in a bay window will draw the eye. Steer clear of snowflakes stuck to windows which will block the view, or stockings hung on a mantle hiding it’s elegance.

Fresh flowers & greenery can be added to the kitchen or dining room. It is better to go with one beautiful display rather than numerous small ones that may make the space feel cluttered. If you have a Christmas tree, remember that while a tall tree will accentuate the height of your ceilings, be sure the overall size of the tree does not overwhelm the room. Try to use ornament colours that are complementary to the decor of your room.

Remember that even during the holidays, less is more. Showing your home at its best without distracting from its spaciousness or beautiful features is one of the keys to a quick sale.

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