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Patti Brown: 15 Years with the Susan Chell Team

Posted by Dorene Wharton on February 23, 2021
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Milestones deserve a celebration, especially because our team member, Patti Brown, just marked her 15th year in real estate with the Susan Chell Team.

Patti relocated to the Ottawa area when her husband’s employer transferred the family from Oshawa, Ontario, in 2002. She fully embraced the change and treated it as a new beginning for her life and career. The timing was ideal since her kids, aged 12 and 9 at the time, were less dependent on mom, which was her moment to focus on a new career direction.

Fixated on a new goal and always having an interest in real estate, Patti connected with the real estate agent who had helped her family find their new home, to job shadow her and provide administrative assistance to learn both sides of the industry. This was the opportunity to see if real estate was the right career move for her. In a short time, and with her optimistic “let’s do this” mentality, Patti started on the journey to obtain her Real Estate License, dedicated herself to it, and completed it in less than six months in 2003.

In 2005, that same Realtor that took Patti under her wing knew there could be an excellent opportunity for Patti to advance her career. As a result, Patti was introduced to Susan Chell, who was thinking about forming a real estate team after giving birth to her second son, Thomas. The team model in the Real Estate industry was starting to grow at that time. Susan wanted to explore this new structure to better support her business while balancing her responsibilities with a growing family.

The magic of long-term working relationships

If you know Patti and Susan, it is no surprise that this connection not only created a win-win arrangement for both but also sparked a tight mutual bond. It was then that Patti started as Susan’s first team member and licensed assistant and quickly transitioned into the full role of Sales Representative.

Working together for 15 years now, these two ladies complement one another. They approach client service similarly and regularly anticipate each others’ actions. Clients are often amazed at how Patti and Susan can seamlessly work as lead or support for buyers and sellers and not miss a detail, time and time again. That is definitely the benefit of reliable, long-term working relationships.

Patti and Susan - From Susan Chell Team

Being a Part of Clients’ New Beginnings is an Honour

One of Patti’s favourite moments was working with a couple, Jordan and Beth, who had recently moved to Ottawa and had just purchased their first home. On the date of the house closing, Jordan asked Patti to help him by taking photos while he proposed to the unsuspecting Beth on the front steps of their new front door after receiving the house keys.

“This is why I do this job,” said Patti, “when there are days that I feel up against time and energy to do everything, I remember this. I get to be part of people’s next life stage and help them through a major transition in their lives. We stay in touch with clients; many become lifelong friends – they get married, have kids, move to a bigger house. We are not in this for the transaction; we are in it for relationships.”

Patti brown 15 years susan chell team

Clients – Jordan and Beth’s marriage proposal and house closing

Patti Brown is the proud recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award,  the prestigious Platinum Award and the Team Diamond Award, among others, and recently obtained her Broker’s License. You can learn more about Patti here and the rest of the growing Susan Chell Real Estate Team.

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