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“Lot 7” is a lot & more!

Posted by susan-adm on November 12, 2019
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Some people cross your path and you know they have something special. Bobbi Jo Doyle is that person, even her name is very cool. So if you’ve already checked out her funky and eclectic shop on Armstrong Avenue in the heart of Wellington West, you know what we mean. The store has a mix of everything, with unique home decor… from colourful throw pillows to stunning mirrors, light fixtures, fashionable prints and more. Her furniture is usually one-of-a-kind and hard to resist. There’s far more including the famous MacAusland’s blankets from Prince Edward Island that date back to 1932. You might remember them from your childhood? Yes, they’re still around.


Bobbi Jo’s flare is rooted in her early life growing up in the Maritimes, followed by her schooling in Quebec, then living in both Europe and the United States. Growing up in P.E.I. means everything to Bobbi Jo but her yearning for adventure and travelling the world is just as strong. The years spent abroad is what we as customers enjoy when we visit Lot 7. The store has been in operation for 18 months and already it’s a success. Bobbi Jo has immersed herself into the Wellington West community and of course neighbouring business owners have embraced her…probably because of her infectious personality.


Bobbi Jo says the best part of owning and running Lot 7 is the surprise visits or days when her kids are in the shop and helping out. It means everything to her as a single mom.  All of this hasn’t come easy though. Bobbi Jo arrived in Ottawa back in 2015 and finding her way here didn’t come as easily as she had hoped. Always an optimist, Bobbi Jo says “it was the kick in the pants I needed” for moving forward and taking on the monumental task of plunging into her own business that obviously involves long hours and hard work. It’s also been a huge learning curve and Bobbi Jo says she could not have done it without her good friends and kids who have been there and supported her. Bobbi Jo has shown her three kids that if you believe in something, you really can do it!


Much of Lot 7’s merchandise comes from new and old haunts, including a favourite spot in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Any chance she can, Bobbi Jo scours various antique and architectural shops for the unique and different. Montreal is a happy place for Bobbi Jo and she loves to escape there when she can. She loves the French flare, carefree or ‘joie de vivre’ attitude that she believes is part of their culture – and says their shops reflect that frivolous fun and eclectic spirit.


Why did she open a shop at this stage of life? Why not? As Bobbi Jo says, don’t always stay in one lane, branch out and explore your wheel house.

Bobbi Jo prefers to be her own boss, and clearly with Lot 7, she’s doing a great job and living life to the fullest. This lady is definitely looking ahead, not behind.


Check out Lot 7 at 233A Armstrong Street right across from the Parkdale Market and beside the Flamingo Boutique and Morning Owl Coffee House. Who knows, you might find that special gift for yourself or for a hard-to-buy family member with Christmas less than two months away! Lot 7 is definitely a ‘Lot’ and more!

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