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Posted by susan-adm on June 7, 2019
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Home Staging - Susan Chell Team

Planning to put your house on the market this spring? It goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible. In order to sell as fast as possible, make sure your home is well-staged for your potential buyers. Here are a few tips to help you with your home staging:

1. Landscaping + inviting porch

Many people will come to take a look at your home without telling you. Chances are that if your home doesn’t look good from the outside people won’t even take the time to visit it. Keep your porch lights on in the evenings, in case potential buyers drive by. Illuminating the front walk with solar lights is a nice extra touch, especially if you will be showing the house during the evening.

2. Clear all clutter

Counters and other surfaces should be kept clear and any furniture that isn’t needed stored away. The good news about this tedious task is packing and purging will make moving day that much easier. Clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets equals more space in the eyes of potential buyers, so purge anything unnecessary or unsightly.

3. Get your house cleaned

A clean house is easier to sell.  From shining floors and gleaming windows to clean counters and scrubbed grout, every surface should sparkle. You may want to hire pros to do some of the really tough stuff, especially if you have a large house.

4. Lights and mirrors

Warm lighting and some well-placed mirrors can make a huge difference in your home. It can make your home feel bright, inviting and even bigger. Mirrors placed over fireplaces, and along hallway walls will make rooms appear larger than they are. Table lamps and overhead lighting like chandeliers and sconces will brighten rooms and add some flair to your decor.

5. Take a look at your floors

Give all floors a thorough cleaning (and steam clean carpets), but consider having wood floors refinished if they are in poor shape. If you don’t want to invest in refinishing floors, the strategic placement of area rugs can go a long way.

6. Choose neutral colors

A fresh coat of bright, neutral paint will not only seem to enlarge the house and make it feel airy and more spacious, but it will also help buyers with their vision (there’s that blank slate again). Rich mid-tone neutrals like mocha, grey or “beige” create a sophisticated backdrop that makes everything look more pulled together. This also goes for the master bedroom. You can’t go wrong with clean, crisp linens, tasteful artwork and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed.

7. Put some accents and colour

To complement the neutral house, a few well-placed bright pops of colour will bring the decor together. Fresh flowers are another great idea, and single flower arrangements are most effective.

These home staging tips will help make your house the most appealing to the most potential buyers. Just keep in mind that the goal is to show people how to use the space effectively.