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Come Get Your Hintonburg Mugs

Posted by susan-adm on May 9, 2019
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When Soca Kitchen, The Merry Dairy, Maker House and other popular local businesses place big orders, you know you’ve got something good. Meet Steffi Acevedo, the creator of these wonderful and eye catching mugs that were initially dreamed up two years ago when planning to take part in the ‘The Happening’ in 2017. It’s a new annual summer festival here in Wellington West that brings businesses of all types together. Steffi took pictures of local store fronts in Hintonburg and then created her signature mugs, tumblers and espresso cups that have been in high demand ever since. The popularity has grown so much, fans from other neighbourhoods have requested mugs and other works to reflect their own communities.

While Steffi appreciates all the attention, her focus is strictly in her own backyard, in Hintonburg, where she grew up and has politely declined requests to create other neighbourhood artworks. Steffi works hard on all her custom orders that include ice cream containers for the Merry Dairy. She’s also the studio manager at Hintonburg Pottery Shop located on Wellington Street just west of Holland Avenue along with owner, Ginger McCoy. Steffi teaches work shops and various kinds of classes as McCoy gives her ample time to work on her custom orders. It’s clear Steffi enjoys her day job because she’s quick to show off the studio and smiles broadly while showing off amazing works created by other artist and students inside the shop. Once inside the bright and cheery shop, you will be dazzled with the various pieces of pottery for sale by local potters hailing from Montreal to Kingston. Did you know Hintonburg Pottery Shop has been along Wellington St. W for five years already?

While the shop may be prosperous, owner McCoy and her staff give back to the community. Proceeds from various scheduled events like this year’s Spring Open House are ways to help such organizations like the Youth Services Bureau. Other events have benefitted The Parkdale Food Centre, a charity that is close to our hearts, here with the Susan Chell Team.

If you don’t catch Steffi in the shop, you might see her at local markets selling her pottery. She continues to get more and more orders and her products are both microwave and dishwasher friendly.

To follow Steffi on Instagram, her handle is, ’steffiacevdoart’ and you can also visit the shop at 1242 Wellington St. W.  or 613-725-6909

If you are artistic like Steffi, The Happening in Hintonburg takes place May 24 – June 1. It’s an eclectic group of neighbours, businesses and artists who all come together for a week long celebration.

For more information, here’s the link:


We believe in shopping locally and supporting our friends, neighbours and fellow businesses. Staying involved and participating helps shape our community and bring people together. Steffi Acevedo grew up here all her life and she’s one person who reflects those values. We’re so happy for the opportunity to sit inside the Hintonburg Pottery Shop and meet Steffi. There are definitely a few items around the house from the shop after the visit! If you know a great person in our community, please let us know!

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