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Creative Ideas For Your Easter Celebration

Posted by susan-adm on April 6, 2020
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Keeping Easter, a Fun and Exciting Time for Kids 

If you’ve already purchased or own baskets and filler, you’re in good shape. If you haven’t, we have some great ideas and alternatives for the typical Easter baskets. A great solution and seasonal activity for which the kids would be able to make their own baskets. This post has some great options DIY Easter Baskets. If you’re not crafty, that’s okay, we have some other alternatives. Leftover gift bags from a birthday party or Christmas or even a reusable grocery bag, would be sure to do the trick. It’s the fun of the holiday that matters. Be sure to ask your kids for ideas too! They might have some really creative ideas for making their own Easter baskets or repurposing something to use as a basket. 

Basket Filler Ideas 

Now that you have an Easter basket, what are you going to put in it? Many retailers are offering curbsidepick-up and/or delivery. Check out Stubbe Chocolate , Thyme & Again , and La Maison Du Kouignamann.  Another option to support local is to purchase a gift card to be used later. Suzy Q donuts is one such local business. A baking activity with the kids could also double as a basket filler, just set some of the sweet baked goods aside.

Additionally, if you have a gift closet where you stash inexpensive toys or books for when your child is invited to a classmate’s birthday party unexpectedly, now might be a good time to pull a few things out for your kids’ Easter baskets. For younger kids, print off activity or colouring sheets to add to the basket.  


The Easter Egg Hunt Excitement 

If you have a backyard, that is a great place to have an egg hunt. You can fill eggs with small treats or coins or leave them empty and make it about the thrill of the hunt.  

If you don’t have a yard or rainy weather is upon us, a great place to have an egg hunt is in your home. The kids will get a kick out of it! 

Another option is to have a clue in each egg directing them to the next egg, with the basket or Easter surprise at the end of the hunt!  

Take a quick video of the hunt with your phone so you can share it with family and friends long distance – grandparents will love this!  



How to Have a Virtual Easter Celebration with Family 

Set up a video chat with your family! There are many applications including Zoom, Snap Chat, Skype and Google Hangouts that allow you to see and talk to your family. A great way to stay in touch at any time! If Easter Church services are important to your family, many congregations are offering online services as well. Reach out to your church for information on how to participate.  


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter! 


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