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Creating Your Dream Escape, Inside the Bedroom

Posted by susan-adm on September 16, 2019
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Your bedroom is your oasis, a place to unwind, unplug from devices and rest from that hectic day; whether at work, with kids or on the road. More and more studies show the importance of a good night’s rest for your well-being. Even a short afternoon rest is best for your optimum health. Therefore, personalizing and decorating your bedroom should reflect a more zen-like atmosphere. That includes the right paint colour and surrounding yourself with added features to help relax your mind and soothe the soul.

To help create that zen-like feeling, personalize it. Remember, your home is a reflection of you and your family. We all know some curious friends who enjoy seeing the whole house, not just the main rooms.

Paint colours: As mentioned, soothing or softer shades can help ease you into a better and quicker sleep. Blue happens to be the number one choice of colour. Lighter shades such as ice blue or a grey-blue are popular. According to Houzz, darker blues, even purples and green can also help. It’s important to note that a brighter room with plenty of sunlight helps if you choose the darker paint colours. Light cream colours are more neutral and also work well for resale.

New headboard: Headboards have always been a fashion statement and a focal point in the bedroom. You can spend a lot or minimally when embarking on a simple DIY project. Panel boards are basic and easy to create with options such as upholstered, stenciled and woven with various materials you can purchase or assemble. To minimize your bedroom space, some headboards can have built-in shelving and even extend into side tables (that can take some work, though!). You can find multiple sites online to help with your DIY projects.

New bed: Your first step in a good night’s rest is a new mattress. Your bed is probably the biggest expense for the bedroom but it’s important to find one that works for you. Purchasing a mattress can be overwhelming with so many promises of what it can do for you and how it’s made. Pick the one you feel is suitable to your taste: firm or softer. Remember, there are always mattress sales, just wait and look for the best deal.

Shelving and space: Organization is not just for the kitchen and storage room! Take a lesson from Marie Kondo, the famous author of, ‘The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’. A cluttered bedroom can leave you frustrated before going to bed or heading out for the day. Don’t be afraid to minimize your furniture and extras in the bedroom. That also means inside the closet and drawers. A well-maintained room shows so well for resale!

Photos: Upgrade your wall decor, it’s once again a reflection of you, your friends and family. Photos are always a source of happiness, whether it’s a gallery wall of photos or art work. Floating shelves can also add texture to the room. IKEA sells shelves of all types at very reasonable prices. Bracket shelves can also work as bedside tables.

Mirrors: Not only are they needed for preparing for the day, they also help make the room look bigger. Mirrors can range in price and you don’t have to break the bank to find well sized and nicely framed mirrors that reflect your style.

Throw pillows: Okay, we love pillows of all shapes, sizes and colours. They can add so much to a room at a low cost. Brighter prints add a lot, especially if you have softer wall paint colours. Various pillows on your bed are also a great way to decorate and personalize your space. Monogramming your sheets and pillows is a more expensive route and normally a more formal style but shows extremely well.

Flowers and plants: Flowers are a beautiful touch in the bedroom and always welcoming. Some flowers give off a wonderful scent but visitors might be allergic or find them overpowering, depending on the flower. Best to stick with tulips or non-scented flowers. Plants are always a great option too, they are known to help purify the room and provide some healing powers. Lavender is believed to help reduce stress and insomnia (we like that!).

Nothing is set in stone: Who says you have to be traditional? Vary up your use of furniture. A decorated ladder can be used at the bedside (thanks Pinterest!). If you have a more relaxed look and maybe a nautical theme, a lobster trap can be used as a small table in a small sitting area. Think outside the box when checking out a garage sale or antique shop, you never know what works. Anything goes!



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