August 26th, 2021 | Real Estate Advice

6 Advantages of Older Homes

Ottawa homes - 6 advantages of older homes


While researching homes for sale in Ottawa, you may have wondered whether a new build or older home would better suit your needs. While many people opt for new construction, older homes have many benefits which should be considered. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and the right choice for you depends on your individual needs. In this article, we will take a look at the top six advantages of older homes.


1. Character

One of the most desirable aspects of an older home is their unique character. There is a special charm with the living history and memories they contain.

Older homes have features that are not commonly seen in new builds that add visual interest. The mature hardwood floors, crown mouldings, leaded glass windows and French doors of older homes embed personality and unique quality into your space. While new homes in Ottawa, with open concept layouts are beautiful and functional, formal rooms add traditional elegance missing in many modern constructions.


2. Large Lot Sizes

Many older Ottawa homes for sale boast larger lot sizes than their modern counterparts because at the time they were built, land was ample. The generous lot size allows you more space for multiple gardens, a pool, hot tub, play structure and more.

In addition, larger lot sizes allow you more privacy and expansion opportunities. Should you decide to sell your home down the road, larger lots maximize your resale value.


Ottawa homes - backyard


3. Mature Streetscape

Older homes are typically found in mature neighbourhoods with homes of a similar age. Often, these streetscapes are fully developed and landscaped with large trees lining the streets, walking paths and bike trails leading to nearby parks and schools.

Your home is more than just the interior construction; your neighbourhood adds to your home’s character as well. Driving home down a beautiful street with contemporary century houses and mature trees can elevate your overall feeling about your home.


4. Location

Older Ottawa homes are frequently closer to the city center, whereas new constructions are more often in newer developments on the outskirts of the city. Being in close proximity to the core is convenient and reduces commuting time.

Being within walking distance to shops, schools, offices and restaurants is a great benefit that saves money, fuel and time. The lifestyle perks of being near central communities can be well worth it.


5. Diversify

Developers typically build new constructions quickly and in similar styles, and the result are homes that closely resemble each other. When you view older properties for sale in Ottawa, you get more variety in the styles of home and construction.

Instead of the standard finishes, you may find charming bay windows, ornate crown mouldings and exposed brick walls. A unique loft layout and hidden closets can make your home feel more like a reflection of your taste and personality. Instead of a choice of a few models that could be identical to your neighbour’s home, your home is unique.


6. Renovate to your own taste

It can be difficult to justify renovations in newer constructions, but older homes provide renovation opportunities that allow you to custom build your dream home and make it your own.

Money you may save on the purchase price of an older home can be re-invested into renovations. It is a common misconception that older homes will provide a lower return on your investment. In fact, you can increase your property value drastically through upgrades.


Ottawa home - loft


When searching for the perfect Ottawa home, do not discount older homes. The unique personality, beautiful streetscapes, and central location of older homes make them a great choice for you and your family, plus they can be a great investment.


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